The company Phytobiotics GmbH with its headquarters in Eltville (Germany) has been founded in 2000 by Dr. Hermann Roth. We are specialized in the production of feed additives, which promote improved performance and health effects for farm animals. Since the foundation of the Senso Additive GmbH in Neuendettelsau near Nuremberg, in 2004, we are responsible for the production on our own.

One of the most important products in the area of animal nutrition is Sangrovit®. The positive effect of Sangrovit® on feed intake and stimulation of digestion processes has been proved in numerous scientific studies and has also been demonstrated in practice.

First tests at FIS Wageningen in 2004 indicated that the use of Sangrovit® could also optimize and stabilize the process of biogas production. The more efficient use of substrates has been proved in further scientific studies and has also been supported by the experimental use in plants in practice.

Based on this results the Sangrovit® -based product portfolio SensoPower has been developed.

Meanwhile we have customers all over the world, including over 900 operators of biogas plants – plants with performance between 50 kW and 5 MW. Based on individual support and consulting, we are optimizing and stabilizing together with our customers the fermentation process in order to ensure an efficient production of biogas.