The biogas plant "Agrokraft Streutal GmbH & Co.KG" in Unsleben is one of the winner of the national competition "Model Solutions for future-oriented biogas plants" organized by "BMELV" in cooperation with "KTBL".

Biogas is produced there in two lines. The first line consists of a 880 kW CHP. The second line consists of a gas upgrading device. The amount of the gas which is fed into the grid is equate to about 1.400 kW electrical power.

The substrates, which are used, are mainly maize silage, about 10% gras silage and whole crop silage in different quantities.

The use of SensoPower S is part of their everyday life. In the following you can see some statements from one of the directors of Agrokraft Streutal GmbH & Co.KG:

•SensoPower S has considerably improved the stirring ability.

•The use of SensoPower S enables a swift and easy change of the substrates without any problems.

•Initially about 10 % and permanently about 5 % of feed could be saved.

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