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Since 2008, SensoPower has been a product line for effective biogas plant operation patented by Phytobiotics Futterzusatzstoffe GmbH. Developed and made in our own production facility in Neuendettelsau in Bavaria, SensoPower stands for high-quality, science-based products that increase the performance of your biogas plant. Because service is a top priority for us, a team of specialists and professionals with practical experience is always ready to support you with regard to the challenges you face with your biogas plant, based on your specific products.



Founded in 2000 by Dr. Hermann Roth, a farmer and salesman in Eltville am Rhein in region of Franconia, Phytobiotics has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of holistic concepts for animal production, plant nutrition, and the biogas industry.

Since then, Phytobiotics has been known for creative technology expertise.

With our own subsidiaries and a global sales network, we are present on every continent, and with our sustainable, science-based solutions and consultation service, we contribute to your company’s productivity. Despite our dramatic growth and global presence, we are a family-run company which has successfully retained its personal, family atmosphere. Because we know that together we can do more!



Our actions are based on our motto “Be curious. Be brave. Be genius.”

We believe that progress is only possible when we pursue knowledge, remain eager to learn, and dare to explore new horizons. In order to develop the best solutions, every day we choose our actions based on these principles, we get to the heart of things, and we think outside the box.

We want to encourage you too: Be curious, be brave, be genius!

We invite you come along on our journey!

Independent and flexible

The advantages of our independence are evident: a clear focus, short decision-making processes, and quick reaction times enable us to innovate faster.
Our own production facilities in Germany, Brazil, and China as well as our global presence allow us to recognize trends in our industry quickly, so we can react to changes with speed and flexibility. We provide you with concepts aligned with your specific requirements.

We have been a member of the German Biogas Association since 1 January 2008.
The association was officially established on 14 February 1992 with 17 foundational members. In the meantime the association has over 4700 members and is among Europe’s most powerful organizations in the biogas area.

German Biogas Association website

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Would you like to explore new horizons too? Are you ready for tough challenges and new adventures? Be curious and brave and come along with us! Take a look at our career pages!


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