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Don’t leave anything to chance in biogas production! Biological performance is critical for optimum gas yield and, as a result, for plant profitability. We support you in this regard and this is our simple definition of service: We're there for you!

Please get in touch with us! Together with you, we make sure that you get the appropriate gas yield. Our team of specialists and professionals with hands-on experience is ready to support you.

We visit you regularly to take a close look at overall plant operation and provide you with expert consultation:

Gas measurement

We measure the quality of your gas on site with a mobile device. Initial conclusions about the fermentation process can be inferred directly from the composition of the gas. This is advantageous, especially in acute problem situations.

Digester analyses

We take a sample of the fermentation substrate from the digester. The initial results are available from our partner laboratory as early as the next day. We discuss the results with you and explain the context as well as our conclusions.

Substrate analyses

Substrate analyses are helpful when inexplicable problems occur in the plant, when very specialized substrates are used, or when gas yields do not correspond with the inputs.
Our specialized partner laboratory examines the substrates with regard to their nutrients as well as the biogas yield. Afterward, we discuss the causes of the problems along with the respective solutions or the effective use of special substrates. Of course we also advise you regarding the price-to-performance value of substrates.

Plant operation

Because our consultants have a great deal of practical experience, you can trust their expertise with regard to basic technical questions and other issues. We can develop the right design for your biogas plant – from agitator and infeed technology to the purchase of substrates and much more.


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