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In order to make the right decisions in product development, you have to ask the right questions. That’s why we question and analyze practical challenges precisely. We think outside the box and sometimes we also use unconventional modes of thinking.

To develop new products and to take existing products to a new level we perform trials together with local institutes and companies as well as in our testing facility. In this way, we guarantee that our products are always effective and make your biogas plants even more efficient.

SensoPower testing facility

We have been operating our own testing facility since 2013 in order have the flexibility to perform practical trials ourselves. We test new active substances and established products in our mini-digesters. Often we cooperate with project partners from research and practical application to perform these trails.

The cup plant is being used more frequently in biogas plants. However, up to now we have lacked practical knowledge regarding their availability and gas yields. We got to the heart of this matter and have taken a closer look at its potential. With impressive results!

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In order to continue to develop existing products as well as new solutions, we work closely with partners in the sciences and users of practical applications. In this way, in recent years we have performed a series of trials with local institutes and companies which have resulted in many interesting conclusions.


Are you looking for the appropriate products for your biogas plant? Here is our comprehensive product portfolio for efficient plant operation.


The biological performance of a biogas plant depends on variety of factors. In addition to our biogas products, we offer services to support the optimization of your biogas plant.


Over 800 operations are now our customers. We’d be happy to help you considerably increase the efficiency of your plant too. Look at our references to find out where and how our products and services have already been used successfully.


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