SensoPower Fe Organic

Hydrogen sulphide can inhibit digestion, so desulphurizing the biogas plays an important role in the biogas production process. High sulphur content can also have negative affects on plant technology.

Our SensoPower Fe Organic, a liquid product, contains a highly effective iron formula that enables the iron content to be reduced significantly in comparison with the use of powdered iron hydroxide.

The pH value in the digester is usually around 7-8. The iron in SensoPower Fe Organic is present in chelated form, which is highly available and particularly effective in this range.

In comparison with average iron hydroxide, the dosing in this case is only about 1/25.

Because SensoPower Fe Organic is an industrially manufactured product, the iron content remains absolutely constant, so compliance with the limit values of the manure directive does not present any problems. The manufacturing process ensures that heavy metal pollution is not an issue. The product is neither caustic nor corrosive, and it is not a hazardous material.

We also offer a product, SensoPower Fe Organic Spezial, that conforms with organic guidelines for the respective operations or plants that deliver their fermentation residue to other organic operations.

This product is available in 20 l, 200 l and 1000 l containers.


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The appropriate formulas for small plants and for low sulphur content.

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Moist iron hydroxide makes storage and infeed easy.

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