Pfullendorf biogas plant

The biogas plant in Pfullendorf has two separate lines.

Line 1 (renewable raw materials line) is supplied only with plant-based substrates: 80-90% silage (corn, grass, whole plant silage) and, depending on availability, grain, sugar beets, and potatoes as well.

Line 2 contains around 35% slurry and manure in addition to the substances listed above.

Both lines run in flexible operation. On average, 770 kW are produced per line. In the winter, the capacity per line is about 900 kW.

The use of SensoPower S in combination with SensoPower Flex allowed a 10% reduction in the amount of feed in both lines. The poor stirrability, primarily in line 1 (the line using just renewable raw materials) was improved significantly with the use of these two products.

Biogasanlage Pfullendorf

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Microorganism inhibition resulted in limited plant performance. SensoPower S solved this problem. In the meantime, using SensoPower S and SensoPower Flex has also enabled plant operation that is both simple and flexible.

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Quicker and better decomposition of substrates that are difficult to digest together with homogeneity in the digester despite substrate modifications made at short notice.

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Positive results in the Unsleben biogas plant of Agrokraft Streutal GmbH & Co.KG thanks to SensoPower S.

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