Sensopower S

Biogas plants and organisms must work very hard to achieve the decomposition of very dry and fibrous substrates, such as manure and straw. Often without guaranteed success.

To make this work easier and to operate the biogas plant efficiently and cost-effectively even when using this substrate, we did research together with Bionova Biogas GmbH. The solution: a method used to produce biogas from straw, manure, or other fibrous substrates which provides for timing flexibility as well. A combination of turbo-mash and SensoPower S, our patented biogas additive, makes it possible.

The patented turbo-mash is characterized in particular by its easy integration in existing biogas plants. For you, this also means flexibility with regard to substrate use and low operating costs.

But how does it work? Optimum substrate decomposition is achieved by the targeted use of ventilation in the turbo-mash. This increases the feed basis and the nutrient availability for the microorganisms in the downstream digester considerably. Afterward, SensoPower S in the digester ensures that the microorganisms multiply and are significantly more active. This enables them to transform the increased amount of nutrients quickly and easily into greater gas production.

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